fredag 28 januari 2011

Accusations met

If you want you can check out my Youtube profile for some drama that went on between Shiver and me. He accused me of stealing his thoughts, basically, using foul language and... yeah, just accusing me of being a thief and a liar. What he didn't count on was that I had proof that I didn't lie, so now he's out there with his pants down and it's all his fault.

Notice it's a 2 parter. Watch his video first, then part 1 then part 2 (duh).

Edit: This guy just doesn't know when to quit. When he finally saw the proof I had of me making all the correct conclusions myself, what does he do? Accuses me of forging it. So I prove I couldn't possibly have forged it, and he gets mad and still won't stop with the accusations. At this point he's just a rambling old man on the street corner. Credibilty: Zero.

Moving along.

onsdag 26 januari 2011

Random additional stuff

Just some random evidence supporting my theory I had laying around. Oh, and I'm going back to Swiiiden tomorrow. I miss you, my magnificent Monitor Audio RX8 speakers!

Youtube link showing the square building by the rainbow bridge making a light pillar way up in the sky.

This text is from the ATS forum, explaining the phenomenon further. Someone asked about the light being blocked in some videos, so I gave an answer.

"As I was reminded, from talking to that physics professor, light being refracted (as in redirected mid air so you can see it) Means there's something there for it to refract off of.

That means that light pillars are in fact synonymous with blocking light. All light pillars have a maximum lenght. The longer they are, the less "stuff" is in the way to block them. The shorter they are, the brighter they'll be, because there's more stuff in the way. This stuff being water particles and crystals in the case of light pillars.

The professor explained (something I already knew) that the beams from the searchlights wouldn't even be visible if they were being shot in space (in a vacuum). The only reason they're visible down here on earth is because they're constantly hitting little bits of particles in the air, refracting the light (meaning spreading the light that was originally "straight", coming from the searchlights, into all direction so it's visible from all angles).

With a normal light pillar phenomenon (which are rare) you have a high concentration of flat and hexagonal ice particles in the air, forming millions of tiny mirrors which "choose" to reflect the nearest light source (usually from the ground) and spread them in a patter which forms the light pillars in the sky.

In Niagara Falls however, you don't have as high a concentration, and the particles seem to form way up in the sky, or as low as 800m as one of my calculations showed. This makes it almost impossible for ordinary street lights, that flood the streets of Niagara Falls, to react with them. They're just too weak and the crystals too high up. However, Niagara Falls have all these powerful lights that are being directed upwards. Those are strong enough to penetrate several kilometers into the air. There are some on the square building. There's the searchlights and there's the upwards pointing lights on the hotels and on the casino south of Skylon Tower.

So you see, it's perfectly reasonable for this to be a light pillar phenomenon of sorts. I don't know the exact physics behind the summer sighting(s?), but everything else is explained by it.

At this point there's just so little "mystery" left to it. The angles have been explained too. They're actually all straight, it's an illusion that they form a triangle.

Look at this Star Wars video for reference.

(Video removed, see images below)

At 0:35 they jump to "lightspeed" (you see it in the preview even). The effect from the stars can be compared to the effect of light pillars seen from below. The stars lights are actually all straight, but they appear in different configurations because they're elongated.

The flash of light only appears when the searchlights are being pointed straight up, because there's no light for the light pillar phenomenon to gather (react to) when they're not pointed straight up. The only "weird" thing left is that a very weak version of the phenomenon, that apparently is only visible with a military grade night vision camera, is apparent during the summer. And I'm willing to "chalk that up to the heat", or humidity in this case. It's not too far fetched to think that weak light pillar like phenomenons can appear without ice crystals in high humidity areas."

Another post explaining it even further:

"Here's a picture for comparison. This is a screenshot from the first video (of the phenomenon).

And here's an edited star wars image. I've only Removed stuff from the image. I haven't changed anything around. Only used a black marker to blot out parts of the image.

Similar, no?"

And a Third post explaining the light configuration.

"Here's the ultimate proof. Best one I could think of. 3 pictures, explaining why it pretty much has to be a light pillar phenomenon.

First a map with the 3 brightest lights in downtown Niagara Falls painted in red. The square building by the rainbow bridge (right), the searchlights (middle) and the very lit up ferris wheel (left).

Then an image I took with my very light sensitive camera as I was pointing it south(ish), standing on clifton hill, just by the spotlights. The blue circles circling the 3 light spots seen from the ground.

And a third image with the second one superimposed onto the first one, reverted horizontally to fit the map (original picture was view from below, this is view from above, so you need to flip the image). I adjusted the angle slightly and voila, perfect match. You can tell the red dots go precisely into the blue circles.

Case closed, basically."

And I have even more if someone out there is still unconvinced. Like, if you look at some of the videos, the angles of the lights point directly at these 3 locations. The video from outside nightmares, the Antigravity skate shop video, every single one show a (version of the) light pillar phenomenon, not a UFO.

tisdag 25 januari 2011

I believe I caught the truth

I think I have an answer, even if it hurts to say it. This can very well be a new, previously undocumented type of broken light pillar phenomenon that appears in the relatively strange weather conditions that exist in and around the Niagara Falls. There are two huge waterfalls here and 2 huge lakes. The reason it looked and appeared so "alien" is that they usually do that anyway (see pictures below) and that there are very bright searchlights in downtown Niagara Falls that interfere with the phenomenon in a way never before documented.

There are still some minor inconsistencies though, like the fact that it (or at least something similar) has been seen during the summer when ice crystals can't form. This could be explained by Niagara Falls being a special area which fulfills different requirements necessary for "non ice crystal based broken light pillars" to form.

1: High humidity. The fact that Niagara Falls have two huge waterfalls and two lakes around it means the area is prone to weird light phenomenons, as the air is literally crammed with water particles, known for their light bending effects, such as halos, pillars, sun dogs and many other effects.

2: Powerful lights that are being directed straight up. This is after all a tourist area, with 2 huge casinos that don't skimp on the lighting. North American culture is like that after all. It has to be big and flashy, at least when it comes to casinos. And the area around the casinos are very lit up, and as I discovered yesterday, the lights from the light pillar I saw Did come from the square building that is a couple of hundred meters from the spotlights. I also noticed another light pillar, coming from the direction of the second casino, south of Skylon Tower, creating the 3 pillars which have been seen often.

In short, the phenomenon is kind of a "weak" light pillar phenomenon, that doesn't react to all ground lights, like shown in the pictures above. Instead it reacts to the high humidity of Niagara Falls, and the fact that it's a tourist area with powerful lights being shone straight up. These are many times brighter than ground lights, which cause a reaction in the sky even though the atmospheric conditions aren't enough to react to ordinary ground lights. That's the phenomenon in a nut shell.

It is very possible that this light phenomenon has existed before late 2009, when the weather conditions were so special that they formed a very thin layer of clouds that created very short and bright broken light pillars, that were also affected in a very weird way by the powerful searchlights coming from Clifton Hill, downtown.

As far as I'm concerned, this video and the phenomenon visible in it is fully explained by my findings and I don't believe there is much else of a mystery here. Feels good that I was the only one in the world to fully figure this out though. I may even call it the Melender phenomenon, if history lets me.

måndag 24 januari 2011

So confused.

Edit: This wasn't all that illogical and confusing once I gave it a little thought.

It's not logical. Why can't it be logical?

I heard it appeared again today from a guy down town. The guy who did one of the news reports about the Niagara "lights"? It wasn't visible from the balcony in my apartment, which is fairly close, so I decided not to go down there right away. 2 hours pass and I go down there anyway 'cause I wanted some snacks at a convenience store. Had a look, pretty weak, so I move on.

I go home and I get a request from handeroo to go see if it's visible from my apartment (he lives 30 min outside the city), and when I go, I see this huge, brilliant rod up in the air. Absolutely mind numbing and beautiful to look at. I start taking pictures and notice it looks like it's coming from the area in town where the square building is at (there's a square building being lit up by powerful, stationary spotlights nearby my apartment).

I then notice the flash is back, and it basically looks like it did yesterday, only a little longer. I take some pics of the now two rods together.

Then I go down there with my car and I'm actually able to confirm that the lights from the first rod is straight above the lit up building. I'll post pictures and a video in a while, confirming this.

The flash (from the spotlight) is gone, and unfortunately the wind changed, moving in the "constant cloud" being generated by the falls. I meet up with 'roo and then go home.

So........ what I'm thinking is that it's some kinda weird, weird, very weird weather phenomenon that hasn't been documented before, but.. *shakes head* there are inconsistencies.

The flash was again only seen as the searchlights (sorry, I keep referring to them as spotlights and searchlights, but I'll be calling them searchlights from now on as those are the ones that move, and spotlights are stationary) were pointed straight up, but what kinda weather phenomenon does that?! I have pictures of the square building shot just after I saw the rod. You can see how the light is getting spread out, and in the video I shot you can actually see the lights forming a square on a lower set of clouds, Then forming that rod on a higher set of clouds.

The square on the lower set of clouds suggests that the light is being spread out in a normal fashion. The edges of the square building are creating shadows, which should form a square hole on the clouds if the spotlights (remember, stationary) were pointing straight up. However, they're not pointed straight up, they're pointing inwards, towards the building, creating shadows that instead of forming a square hole, form a square (on the clouds).

So that's all well and fine, and is supported by normal, logical physics. But what happens after they hit that first set of clouds isn't logical at all. Logically the light should just continue to spread in that fashion, but instead it focuses, and only in a rod pattern straight above the first set of clouds?

I tell you, it doesn't make sense. What weather phenomenon would react like this, only refracting (spreading) light when it's being hit by light from a certain angle? It's like a mist that can pick and choose which light source gets to illuminate it, and it's choosing light from straight below, and NO other angle! It's so god damn confusing!!

These are findings I've noticed today, so it's fresh off the printer so to speak. If you have any ideas, please, let me know.

View of bright rod from my balcony:

Zoomed in:
Rod with "flash" (reflection from the searchlights):
Square building (after I drive down there with my car):
Alternate angle of same building, showing it's scattering light in the normal, understood fashion.

View of first rod (right), flash from searchlights (middle) and a third light, barely visible on the left from unknown light source:
The Youtube video showing the square buildings "shadow" forming a squareon the first set of clouds and then the rod (in the above picture) on the second set (or on "something") is coming up.

Quick Youtube vid

Sorry about the swearing, but I was pretty upset I "missed" it 'cause of the camera. Just showing where I was standing, where I saw it and that it was cloud free that night. writes article about me

Go. Read. Understand my greatness, haha.


Just got back from talking to a physicist physics professor at Buffalo University. He was very nice, and baffled by what it could be. He wasn't a weather expert though, so he recommended trying to contact one of those.

He also had a couple of good ideas. He suggested using a green laser, because human eyes apparently spot green light much easier. So a green laser of the same power as a red one would be several times as visible. I'm thinking of ordering one, or trying to find one locally right now.

He also suggested getting a spotter, a small telescope of sorts that can zoom from anything in between 10-30x, just to get a closer look at this thing, with your eyes. You might be able to connect the camera to it too, but I'd have to look into it.

He suggested it might've been an index reflection. Like if cold air stays on top of warmer air, it'll create an index difference, like how asphalt heats up in the summer and creates these waves when you look at it. Though that got dismissed pretty fast, as I showed him the video I took a few days ago, and the pictures. He then threw that theory out the window, 'cause the light wouldn't have been stationary.

Everything seems to suggest there's an actual object up there, reflecting light with a convex, rough reflective surface. That means it's a mirror like surface, but it can't be a mirror like the one in the bathroom, because that wouldn't create the kind of phenomenon seen in some of the pictures. It'd have to be a reflective surface that is rough enough to "just" reflect the light back, but scatter it so it can be seen from a wide area. Convex means it's dented inwards, like a shaving mirror. Some of the pictures suggested that, but it's none of this is conclusive.

Anyway, it was a nice talk, and he (to my surprise as I guess I have bad experience with physicists) agreed on many things I had to say. I could also understand his science lingo, which was a plus. At one point he was actually pretty excited about this thing, showing it to a coworker and whatnot. Great to see actually, since I've gotten a lot of crap online lately.

Well, food time, then it's off to find a laser and maybe a "spotter", if I can find one compatible with my camera.

söndag 23 januari 2011

Oh boy, math time again!

Distance: 805.

Angle: 40º. That means it was 675.48 meters up in the air from where I was standing, which was about 20 meters below the top of the mast of Skylon Tower, which is 160m tall, which in turn adds up to 815 meters (0.5 miles, 2674 feet).

This is the closest I've ever seen it. I have to emphasize that whatever lit up was completely invisible to the naked eye when the brightest of the 3 beams didn't hit it. It only lit up in one place. Only took one shape (long rod). It was fairly bright, and there were no clouds in the vicinity of where it appeared.

If this is a weather phenomenon, why can't anyone on this earth explain why it only lights up when the spotlights are being pointed straight up? And why is it just in one place, all the time? It doesn't make sense for it to be a weather phenomenon. I just hope I can prove it.

Managed to brighten a few pictures!

I'll admit they're not the best, and that's because I couldn't figure out the settings. They're better than nothing though, and they do confirm my story.

Click them to see them more clearly. The sky looks bright, but it's really dark as the Youtube video will show you.

Edit: Missed one that I didn't need to brighten! First one of the four. Notice the shape being elongated and sort of brilliant. If you click the image you'll see stars in the background. That's what appeared out of thin air and was only visible when the spotlights hit it, some 1050 meters from me. The picture appears to be out of focus, but that's really what you saw. Click the picture and zoom in on the clouds and the stars and you'll see it's actually an outstanding picture. The out of focus grid and In focus, but somehow blurry object throws you off though.

These are some long exposure shots I took with the tripod (seen in the video) just to show you that the stars were out and all.

And this is how red my hand was after standing out there for just a few minutes without gloves. 

Also realized it's ironic to make a Superman 2 reference when they actually shot parts of it right here in Niagara Falls. ;-)

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. Wohoo!

So I decided to go to the Skylon Tower to try and determine if light pollution could somehow form those two lights that often appear beside the reflection. Being a good scientist, you know? Checking out all the angles, even if it means you accidentally prove it's a natural phenomenon and you have to go home.

Got there about 5 and decided to wait around until the sun went down, and for the spotlights to come on. Took some pictures of the surroundings. The falls were beautiful from that height, as I'll show you in a moment.

So I see the spotlights come on and go out on the walkway, and... there it is! Holy shit, it's appearing out of nowhere, in thin air, and there are no clouds around! I grab my handy (or so I thought) $5000 camera, put it to Program ('cause I want fast images and I don't wanna mess around with the settings) and get... nothing. I keep trying with different settings back and forth, being really stressed, but no. I don't think I managed to get one shot of it.

The light looked like one of those crystals from Superman 2 if anyone remembers. Same overall shape, but with rounded corners. No "spot" of light, only a long, crystal from Superman 2ish area being lit up, mid-air and only when the bright spotlight was pointing almost straight up. It didn't look like a crystal though, it looked like there was suddenly mist there when the spotlight hit that area, then it went back to being completely (!!) invisible to the naked eye.

Never cursed so much in my life. I'm in the process of downloading the images from my camera, and I guess I did a podcast of sorts with my other camera which I'll upload to Youtube too.

There is one good thing about this though. I was able to confirm the angle, and this thing is Low in the sky! Just now I got back from visiting the tower the second time. I asked some girls to help me read the new clinometer I created since it needs to be read from the side. I re-did the test once just to make sure we got the same angle twice, and we did. The UFO appeared straight above the spotlights, and the angle I got from the observation deck of the Skylon Tower was 40 degrees. Math coming up on that one, but it's low! Way below where any aircraft might fly.

Youtube video and some pictures of at least the falls coming up!